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Localmind Acquired by Airbnb!

Localmind + Airbnb
photo by Marcell Puzsar

We’re thrilled to share some rather exciting news: Localmind has been acquired by Airbnb!

We started Localmind just over two years ago in the chill of a Montreal December. These have been the most incredible years of our lives. We built a company and product that we couldn’t be more proud of, we assembled a team that is like family, and we have been extremely lucky to find a passionate community of members that have supported us on this journey.

Localmind came out of a simple question: why is it that you know more about what’s happening on the other side of the world than what you know about the place across town? Our mission is to connect you to a human being — in that place, right now — that can share what you need to know. By connecting online, you can get offline as fast as possible.

Authentic, local knowledge is what our members want the most, and Localmind connects you to it anywhere, in real-time. We are exhilarated to join Airbnb, because they create authentic, local experiences better then anyone else in the world.

This is an excited time for the Localmind team, but we are humbled and grateful to the many, many friends, partners and family that have helped us get here. To those people — to you — thank you, thank you, thank you.

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