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Localmind Stories: Tiago on Location-Based Learning

Some of the most interesting Localmind interactions in the most unlikely places. This story comes from Tiago

I bet you never thought about using Localmind for discussing business strategies. Well, me neither … and yet that’s what happened to me last week.

A couple of hours after I checked in at the office on Friday (I work for IBM) a question popped up. I was expecting it to be from some visitor asking if there was an available wi-fi connection or looking for some tips around places to eat near by … but instead, the question was the following: “Why isn’t IBM producing personal computers anymore?”

It was really amusing to read (and answer) because it was a totally unexpected kind of question and a good example of how people find creative ways to merge things that are not usually matched (business issues with location-based services).

So what was the answer?

In case you have the same curiosity, the answer I provided was around the company decision to focus on value-added products/services, selling therefore its PC business to another company. 

Funny fact: a colleague actually wondered if the question had been brought up by a competitor … but then I thought: this is public information anyway and, well, an IT player that still doesn’t have 7-year-old-information maybe isn’t that much of a threat.  :-)

In brief: no meal suggestion or hidden purposes behind the question, just a pure and simple hunger for knowledge … that’s what I call a “location-based learning”!

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