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Localmind Stories: Tommy - Locals Finding New Places

San Francisco local Tommy Leep turned to Localmind on the go to help him and his friends quickly find the perfect breakfast spot:

Last Saturday morning, I took the 22 up to the Marina with a couple of friends. We were going to brunch. Thing was, we didn’t know where yet.

We just wanted to be at the top of the city so we could cruise by Chrissy Field and enjoy the sun. I fired up Localmind while on the bus.  A few minutes later I got a recommendation from an expert in the area to try Baker Street Bistro. It’s a French cafe with patio seating, which was perfect for the weather.

The Eggs Copenhagen were delicious, and the service was great. Localmind for the just-in-time win!

A great day made greater with help from the helpful San Francisco Localmind community!