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Localmind Stories: Francis - Where to Next?

While out at dinner with his fiancée in Montreal, Francis turned to Localmind figure out where to go next: 

My fiancée and I were out for a night in Downtown Montreal. Having been out of the trendy clubs and places for years now (4 kids!), we had no idea where to go. During supper, I sent out a question asking for the best lounge/bar in Old Montreal, and we got 3 solid answers within 30 minutes. So after we finished eating we headed out to a lounge that was just around the corner (and had been recommended twice via Localmind). We ended up having a great evening at l’Assommoir (they serve awesome drinks, over 250!) which I’m positive we wouldn’t have tried if it weren’t for Localmind!

We hope your fiancée was impressed!