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Meet Potsie, The Newest Member of Team Localmind!

Great companies are made up of great people. Finding those great people is hard. Very hard. Sometimes however, serendipity is on your side. A couple of months ago we bumped into Potsie at a hackathon she was participating in here in San Francisco (while we were both loading up on snacks). From that first meeting, to the interview, to the final interview … we had a strong feeling that we found our fifth employee.

Potsie is an insanely talented designer, has shipped her own iOS apps, and has a strange knack for winning hackathons. We’re extremely lucky to have her joining our team, and are excited to put another key puzzle piece in place as we continue making Localmind the most useful app you have on your phone.

Three interesting things about Potsie:

  1. She can’t go on the Bay Bridge (afraid of heights)
  2. Her favorite people are 2 feet tall (her niece and nephew)
  3. She loves Los Angeles (blasphemy here in SF)