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Meet the New Localmind

The biggest update in Localmind history is here! Watch this short demo while trying to keep your jaw from dropping:

What’s New?

Up to now you’ve used Localmind to ask real-time questions about particular places. Localmind 2.0 takes this to a whole new level, unlocking the power to get answers about entire parts of town. By tapping into the collective local knowledge of identified experts, Localmind helps you find out anything you want to know about any place in the world.

You can now use Localmind to help you plan your Friday night, learn about the best places to eat when traveling, or find the most scenic hiking trail in your city.

Have a question about an area? Ask Localmind!

Under the Hood

Behind the shiny exterior lies a bevy of sophisticated reputation and expertise algorithms that route your question in real-time to the local experts most likely to give you the best answer. We’ve spent the past year developing these algorithms while methodically building the platform to prepare for this 2.0 release. Look for future blog posts describing the science in much more detail.

Who Answers My Questions?

Short answer:

Other users just like you!

Long answer:

Localmind is built on the assumption that we all know things that other people find useful, particularly about the places and parts of town we frequent. Every time you answer a question about an area or check in at a place, Localmind learns a bit more about your implicit knowledge. The more knowledge you accrue in an area, the more reputation and expertise Localmind awards you for it. When other users have questions about those areas, Localmind may send them to you, the local expert, and give you the opportunity to respond. Over time, Localmind learns what types of questions you’re interested in answering, and stops sending you those that you don’t.

To see where Localmind has recognized you as an expert, check out the “Me” tab. While there, you can now update your profile photo, add a short bio, and more!

We’re extremely excited to be releasing this today, and can’t wait to hear what you think. Let us know by emailing us at, or leaving a comment below.

Download Localmind 2.0 here!

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