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Meet Nick, Our New Intern!

Localmind for Android users, meet your new best friend:

Nick hails from the wondrous lands of Vancouver, British Columbia where he studies Computer Engineering at The University of British Columbia. His degree program sets aside time to work at a company of his choosing, and, lucky for us, we snagged him. Since moving to San Francisco just last week, he’s been hard at work on the Localmind Android app. Nick is a passionate Android enthusiast and developer, so his #1 focus will be forging an app to make us proud. (His #2 focus will be trying to learn the ways of wacky Americans.) He’s already hard at work. We expect big things from Nick and are super excited to have him on the team!

Three interesting things about Nick:

  1. He’s a golfer
  2. He builds robots for fun
  3. His first visit to California was the day he moved here to work for Localmind!

P.S. A big THANK YOU to Atlee, David, and Michael at the C100 for helping us find Nick!

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